Cyber Security



Vulnerability audits include identifying and clasifying known vulnerabilities, producing a list of prioritized flaws that require attention and recommending ways to fix them.

Port Scan and vulnerability Assessment

1. We scan your IP Address and Create a file so that you can see how many ports you have available, which ones are open, which ones are secure and which ones are vulnerable to attack.

2. We rescan your IP Address and create a file and specifically look for system vulnerabilities.

This will give you and us tangible evidence about your system and how it can be exploited. By studying this data we can then  discuss with you the options available to secure your system.





       Network Penetration



      Network Vulnerability



      Network Vulnerability



        Network Security




Who We Are




In Addition to having Comp TIA A+< Network+ and Security+ Certifications,

Our Technicians understand and have hands-on experience in:

  • Challenges of securing information and performing vulnerability assessments including identifying types of attackers, the five steps of defense, and techniques of mitigating and deterring attacks.
  • Analyzing and isolating the most common Networking, security, and forensics issues.
  • Troubleshooting, configuring, and securing a Local Area Network.
  • Assembling PCs, installing, configuring and maintaining devices, PCs and software.
  • Using command line functions and utilities to manage operating systems including the proper syntax and switches.





        Network Engineers

          LAN / Wan Network

          Wireless Network

our staff is comprised of engineers who have 20 years experience working on enterprise level service providers as well as managed service providers and value added resellers (var). LAN/ WAN Networks as well as Wireless Networks.